Customer service is one of the most important parts of your business.

Get it right and quite simply – your customers come back!

Get it wrong – you may never see them again!


Getting it right means

– customers return

– they spend and increase your sales!images (1)

– they recommend to others


But getting it wrong means

– no customer return

– loss of revenue

– they will talk to others (new potential customers), about the poor service they received starting to give you a bad reputation


So a few handy tips for your team!

  • Smile – either on the phone or face to face, it makes a huge difference!
  • Listen – don’t assume you’ve heard what you want to hear!
  • Match your customer’s needs
  • Be positive and enthusiastic at all times, no one can have an off day!
  • Create a good lasting impression, if you get it wrong, its hard to turn it around but get it right, you’re onto a winner!

How many times have we all heard this?
But how often do we and our teams put this into practice?

You have between 3 and 7 seconds to create the right impression
Remember – customers have a choice as to where they go, you want them to come back to you!


Measure good service with regular mystery shopping to truly understand what your

customers truly experience.