Well the real question is “to invest or not to invest”? The answer being a no brainer!

But a training course is not a quick fix, follow up and measurement is crucial for success and for that all important return on investment!


To invest in your team helps to:

–        Increases your sales and conversion

–        Improve individual skills and confidence as well as making your team feel valued

–        Extends staff loyalty, giving continuity as well as personal growth and great career development


The training course

–        Ensure you have a course designed for you and your objectives

–        Any course should be fun, interactive to encourage 100% group participation

–        Ensure your course works with your identified focus areas in order to be successful

–        There should be clear actions agreed by the participants that must be followed up


After the training course

If the agreed action points are not followed up regularly, you won’t reap the rewards!

At the time of training, the team feel valued and genuinely want to do well! That motivation needs to continue with the Candidate’s Line Manager with follow up!

Remember a training course is not a quick fix!



Regularly review the goals and actions set. Sales conversion is a great way to measure your return on investment.

Regular sales mystery shopping will measure both technical and personal skills demonstrated during the customer journey, howver this must be regular to again a true reflection of a team member’s performance. But remember mystery shopping is not a way of catching people out! It simple gives a reflection of customer service being given both positive and highlighting areas requiring further focus.


So to train or not to train?

Definitely yes but follow up (just as you would with any sales enquiry), your team or an investment, help them grow as well as your sales!