Training and Sales & Marketing support with VCA Consulting


Once areas of focus have been identified, we can help you with:

Individual coaching – As a result of a recorded mystery call, we will give honest feedback highlighting all positive areas and those that require some focus!

Group training – we design courses that work for your sales teams by focussing on the personal and technical skills

Increasing your sales conversion via a successful telephone journey – this course is designed to improve individual’s personal and technical skills that are required to gain a successful telephone journey which in turn will lead to conversion and increased sales!

Show round skills – taking you through a step by step guide from preparation to greeting to close!

The Art of pro activity – a course designed to encourage an ongoing proactive culture, maximising all potential sales leads where no cold calls are necessary! 

For more focussed and advanced training

VCA Consulting work with some reputable Training Companies and would be very happy to recommend them.


Office health check

Referring back to the enquiry journey, the initial call or visit may have been excellent but what happens to that enquiry to ensure that it is pro-actively followed up?

  • once the intitial enquiry has been made, do the teams have the right tools to send clients the relavent information quickly?
  • how is it filed so that everyone in the office can find it?
  • what is the chase system in place to ensure that the client is followed up when they are supposed to be?
  • what account management systems are in place?
  • is your database pro-actively working for you?
  • are there set standard & procedures in place?
Sales Office Health Check

VCA Consulting can allocate time to spend with your sales teams to understand the systems & processes that are currently in place. Recommendations will then be made to ensure time is better spent selling rather than on administration!

Sales & Marketing strategy 

Support with a review of your existing plan or assistance to help you build your new plan to help you grow your business.

Sales & Marketing support can be offered to ensure you have a more pro-active sales office

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